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Better Late Than Never

This week marks two years since I decided to follow my passion for Coaching and founded Coachere, my Coaching and Consultant business....

Changing the Rules

The Wolfpack has highlighted a set of unwritten rules, written to control and contain a woman's true identity. Now its time to change them.

No More Excuses

As with the start of most New Year's, even ones as crazy as this, some of us would have decided that we wanted to make changes to our...

Coaching v Mentoring

Recently I was invited to be on the panel for one of my client's Women In Tech initiatives, where we discussed the benefits of Mentoring...


Have you ever wondered why someone doesn't like you? Have you ever wondered why so few woman win awards? It's because of pre-conditioning.

Finding My Why

Everyone knows what they do, but not everyone know why they do it. Thankfully for me, I have found my why.

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