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Performance Leadership

Perfect for individuals or organisations looking to develop their leadership skills and behaviours, essential for leading high-performance teams or those just about to embark on their first leadership position.

Whether you're an individual or a business, you must change yourself or your organisation to improve. Making change is not easy, but it is necessary to evolve and grow, especially in today's world. The Performance Leadership programme has been created to support you. ​


The Performance Leadership programme combines the Leadership and Mentor Essentials programme, giving you the foundation skills and knowledge needed to become an effective leader.


Combining the Communication and Collaboration workshop with the Coaching Conversations workshop, you will gain a heightened self-awareness and the skills and knowledge necessary to adapt your style to make better connections with your team. Then, we will teach you the skills and methods needed to have coach-like conversations, which are essential to high performers.


Depending on your specific needs, You can choose two additional workshops to enhance your skills and knowledge. You can choose from the following: ​


  • Clearing the Chaos

  • Challenging Conversations

  • Challenge and Change

  • Creating Confidence


This programme can be delivered 1:1, 1:many, physically or virtually.

Courses and Workshops

Our courses and workshops brochure outlines our individual and group courses and workshops.

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