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Better Late Than Never

This week marks two years since I decided to follow my passion for Coaching and founded Coachere, my Coaching and Consultant business.

However, anyone who has changed careers and started a new business in the middle of a Global Pandemic will appreciate it can take time to get established (after all, you can't rush these things). 😊.

Over the last two years, I have home-schooled my daughter, read many books, reconnected with friends and family, been on unforgettable holidays, and built and founded the Channel Community with fantastic industry friends.

I also used this time as an opportunity to master my coaching skills, work out where and how I can add the most value and help my clients make the changes necessary to improve.

Having figured all this out, being confident in my ability, and having a proven track record of delivering for my clients, I thought it was an excellent time to be more proactive with my business rather than just working with a few select clients.

Having read "Start with "Why" and "Find Your Why" by Simon Sinek, I had already discovered my purpose and why I wanted to start the business (see the image below). Your "Why" is born out of experiences you had as a child and in early adulthood, either good or bad, that drive and motivate you to make a difference. So now I just needed to work out the "What" and the "How".

So already knowing my "Why", over the last few weeks, I have been laser focused on the 'What' and the "How". Whilst, in theory, I can Coach anyone, I want to specialise in the areas I can combine my Coaching skills with my extensive knowledge and experience.

Having spent over 25 years in Sales, Specialist Sales, Partner Management and Leadership roles before being promoted in 2015 to Director of Partners and Marketing at one of the world's largest IT Solutions providers, CDW, I thought these roles would be an excellent place to start.

As there are still so few Women in Exec positions within the IT channel and tech industry, I was often the only woman from a Solutions Provider at Global Tech Conferences and having represented CDW on various Partner Advisory Boards; I have first-hand experience of what it is multiple be the only woman in a room and the different challenges and feelings this brings.

So now I am clear about where I can add the most value and to who (or the "What"). Next, I needed to be more transparent on the "How".

One of the first things I discovered when I started was that not everyone can afford or has access to Coaching, and unless you work for a large corporation or vendor, not everyone has access to mentors. This was the driving force behind why I founded the Channel Community to provide access to highly experienced and knowledgeable mentors within the UK Channel.

However, Mentoring is very different from Coaching, and you can get tremendous value from Coaching, especially if you want to make significant improvements to your performance.

So, I thought about how I could make Coaching more affordable and accessible so that more people could take advantage of the enormous benefits.

One way to do this is by providing the same group workshops I deliver to businesses to individuals who can book independently. So, I have created a series of group coaching workshops using the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last two years. These workshops have been built and designed to cover the areas I believe can have the quickest and most significant impact on people's performance.

So based on my past experiences, proven track record, knowledge and using my Coaching skills, I now have my "What" and"How".

Coachere works to increase the Self-Awareness, Resilience, Confidence and Performance of Professionals in Sales, Solutions, Partner Management and Exec Leadership positions within the IT Channel and adjacent industries.

We do this by combining over 25 years of experience in Sales, Solutions, Partner Management, and Exec Leadership positions in the IT Channel with various Coaching techniques and methods, either by Purpose Built Workshops, One-to-One or Group Coaching.

More information on the individual, group coaching and workshops can be found on the website:

Using my extensive knowledge and experience, Coachere can also help organisations build the perfect ecosystem, joint go-to-market value propositions and valuable partner programs through Consulting.

So, if you are an individual or business in the IT tech channel or an adjacent industry that wants to take advantage of the enormous benefits Coaching can bring. Or, if you are a business in the IT channel who wants support and advice on building the perfect ecosystem, please use this link for a 30-minute discovery call.

Finally, I would like to say a special thank you to my clients who believed in me and allowed me to fine-tune my skills and to my industry friends who have helped me on this journey by giving me encouragement, support, and advice along the way.

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