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Challenging Conversations

Perfect for individuals or organisations who struggle to have difficult and challenging conversations and individuals or organisations who have lack of trust or struggle with conflict.

Having challenging conversations is essential to any high-performing and fully functional team, so why do so many people struggle to have them? Designed and built with these people in mind, challenging conversations to explore why this is and gives you the knowledge needed to construct honest relationships essential to high-performing teams.

Utilising a mix of theory and practical exercises covering the emotions at play, the dysfunctions of a team, and how to master conflict gives you the skills and confidence needed to build radically honest relationships with your team.

We'll be covering:

  • Emotions and human filters

  • Building trust

  • Mastering conflict

  • Building radically candid relationships

This workshop can be delivered as 1:1 or 1:many, physically or virtually.

Yvonne is great to work with. Really responsive to our needs here at Sapphire and the workshop was excellent. Lots of ideas, a good overview of theory, which she clearly has extensive knowledge of and also very practical. She gave us approaches, structures and actual questions to ask, with opportunities to try out her suggestions in the workshop.

Yvonne’s training was a fantastic support to our Ceiling Smash female mentoring programme.

Janice Payne - Head of ESG and Responsible Business - Sapphire Systems

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