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Challenging Change

Perfect for organisations or individuals struggling to set and achieve realistic goals or individuals or organisations that want to shift their mindset and get out of their comfort zone to achieve greater success.

Designed for anyone looking to understand themselves better, learn how to use the power of thought to achieve more, and define great goals to help you achieve your growth ambitions.

Our mindset shapes whether we believe we can learn and change and grow – or not, and if you want to make improvements, you must make changes to yourself or your business. In the challenge and change workshop, we explore different mindsets, get you out of your comfort zone, set realistic goals and give you tools to achieve them.

We'll be covering:

  • Mindset

  • Getting out of your comfort zone

  • Goals v's habits

  • Changing your habits

  • The different types of goals

  • Setting your goals

  • Achieving your goals

This workshop can be delivered as 1:1 or 1:many, physically or virtually.

Yvonne joined us as part of our personal and professional development initiative to speak with our team about Growth Mindset. The workshop was accessible, relatable, down to earth and perfected for our demographic audience.


I received great feedback from the team, across various roles and all seniorities. Yvonne was great to work with, insightful and, importantly, brought fun and humour to an important topic.

Sarah Savage Edwards - Head of People & Experience, Block & Socura

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