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Coaching Conversations

Perfect for organisations looking to develop stronger leaders, build an internal mentoring program or implement a coaching culture. Also perfect for organisations or individuals looking to learn and understand different coaching skills and methods that they can apply to mentees or direct reports.

Designed and created for individuals who want to gain a better understanding of mentoring or learn some of the skills needed to be a leader.  

The first part of the workshop covers the differences between coaching and mentoring, the roles a mentor/leader can play, the skills required and how to get the best out of your meetings.

Then in part two, we explore some of the methods and techniques you can use to have more coach-like conversations, getting the best out of the relationship with your mentee or team member.

We'll be covering:

  • The roles of a leader/mentor

  • The differences between coaching & mentoring

  • Skills of a leader

  • Coaching methods and techniques

This workshop can be delivered as 1:1 or 1:many, physically or virtually.

Yvonne is great to work with. Really responsive to our needs here at Sapphire and the workshop was excellent. Lots of ideas, a good overview of theory, which she clearly has extensive knowledge of and also very practical. She gave us approaches, structures and actual questions to ask, with opportunities to try out her suggestions in the workshop.

Yvonne’s training was a fantastic support to our Ceiling Smash female mentoring programme.

Janice Payne - Head of ESG and Responsible Business - Sapphire Systems

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