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We are all primarily driven by one of four unique cognitive energy sources - how we like to think!

LEP associates these four energies with parts of the body - a common language to ensure learning is memorable and quickly understood. Whilst it uncovers a preferred thinking energy, it doesn't 'pigeonhole' or stereotype the user. It's clear that everyone has all four energies and that, with practice, we can learn to dial up and dial down these energies.

The power this gives individuals can be remarkable - empowering them to greatly improve or change the way they think and therefore how they behave, communicate and lead.

How does it work?

Everyone has a combination of these four cognitive energies. One will be dominant (the Leading Energy) and one will be weakest (the Reluctant Energy). Both will reveal certain characteristics that are apparent to those around us.

Beware of the dark side

What happens when our Leading Energy is overloaded (we use it too much) or clashes with another persons Leading Energy? Being aware of these situations and learning to recognise and manage them is essential to effective communication. We explore these in detail and develop strategies for managing them in our interactive workshops.


A simple and effective tool for developing adaptive communication skills

We all love a good profiling tool. It gives us permission to focus on ourselves, be a little self-indulgent and feel understood. But how much do people really come away with? Maybe your ‘type’ is quietly seen as the superior one in your organisation. Perhaps a level of permission to justify your actions – ‘of course I’m quiet, I’m green!’.

Others however, may be left feeling they were labelled and put in a box. Asked a few months later what they have changed as result of using the tool, and in our experience very few have an answer.

So the Business Coaching Academy set themselves a challenge of creating something better - something simple but powerful, easy to remember and that actually made a difference. Leading Energy Profile® (LEP) was born.

LEP isn’t about strengths or ability. It examines the cognitive energy (how we like to think) behind why people do what they do. Behaviour is the what, the energy behind it is the why.

Transform the way you communicate

LEP does not label or put a box around the user. It explores both our bias and reluctance in the way we like to think and teaches us how to adapt this thinking (and subsequent behaviour) to achieve better results. Yes, it’s a profiling tool, but with some key differences. Firstly, it was built backwards. It was designed with the end user experience in mind. It applies over forty years’ experience of coaching and leadership development, working with many of the world’s most successful organisations.

It was then referenced back to over 50 years of scientific research and evolved the findings.

The result is a tool that’s simple but impactful, empowering and above all action orientated. It focuses on the ‘so what?’ and empowers users to adapt the way they lead, communicate and build relationships with others.

LEP enables self-exploration to understand our own energy drivers, but then shifts attention to how we may be perceived by others. By understanding what drives behaviour, we can change or modify elements of our behaviour and improve the way we interact with, communicate with and influence others.

Learn the master skill of great leadership

By understanding our own Leading Energy and being able to spot the Leading Energy of others, we can learn how to channel and adapt it, a crucial skill not just in business, but in life!

LEP provides leaders, managers and teams with enhanced self and social awareness, transforming their communication, improving levels of trust and cooperation and ultimately productivity.

A simple questionnaire and highly interactive workshop

At the heart of LEP is a self-awareness questionnaire that is completed on-line, in approximately 10 minutes. It's simple to use and interpret, reflecting the commercial environment where time and usability are critical.

As a licensed Leading Energy Profile® Facilitator we then share the results with the user (either in a 1:1 or team setting), working through a structured and highly interactive workbook.


1:1 Coaching Session

LEP is hugely powerful when used in a 1:1 setting. It enables individuals to better understand why they typically 'operate' in the way they do and how they can adapt their Leading Energy to achieve greatly enhanced performance.


Team Facilitation

LEP is all about great communication - the basis of effective team culture. LEP will put a microscope on your team dynamics (the good, the bad and the ugly!) and empower members to become more adaptable, reduce conflict and increase productivity.

Sync Up

Leadership Development

LEP can be used as a core element of any Leadership programme aimed at building self awareness, social awareness and adaptability. It doesn't matter what your LE type is. The great skill of leadership is learning to flex your style as required, to achieve the optimum outcome with your team, colleagues and stakeholders.

Team Meeting

Communication or Negotiation Workshops

It isn't easy and it takes practice, but adaptive energy is truly the master skill of great communicators. It will transform the relationships you have with others and the results you can achieve. LEP will teach you the skill of reading others and then ways you can adapt, to quickly build fantastic relationships.

Working in Alliances it can be difficult to find coaches and mentors that really understand the role and the challenges that come with it. Then I found Yvonne. It wouldn’t be overstating it to say that in the time Yvonne has been working with me, the way I approach my role, engage with colleagues and view my self has completely transformed.

Yvonne has the unique ability to ask exactly the right question that helps you see something different and find the answers yourself. As a result of working with Yvonne, I am adding more value to my employer, am not afraid to take on bigger challenges and can see how my career can develop for the next 5 years. Thank you, Yvonne.

Leah Stiff - Head of Strategic Alliances - ANS

Leading Energy Brochure

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