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Finding My Why

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

A few weeks ago, marked six months since leaving the fast-paced, exciting world of technology solutions and also when I decided to launch my Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring business, Coachere.

While working, I was so committed to the job and the company that I would have felt disloyal to think about the future and what I would do next. When I started my journey of reflection back at the beginning of April, I could never have imagined I would discover my 'Why' and want to start my own business doing something that could make a real difference.

I had absolutely no idea of what the future would have entailed when I decided to leave, and I could never have predicted we would be dealing with a global pandemic. All I knew was that I had reached a natural point in my career to take a break and spend quality time with my family, particularly my husband and daughter Alexia. I had not quite anticipated that I would have a new job straight away of being Alexia's teacher!.

Last year I was away for 12 weeks with work, and it was starting to have a significant impact on my daughter. So, as much as it wasn't what I had planned for my time out, I feel incredibly fortunate that I got to spend all that time with my little girl. I could never have imagined that I would get to spend every day with her over lockdown and the school holidays. I felt so lucky. However, I knew that I would also need to think about my future and as much as I loved spending time with her, I knew I couldn't be a stay at home Mum, both for her sake and mine.

Before leaving a couple of interesting opportunities had presented themselves. As much as these would have been unique positions, I wanted to take my time and think about my future before making any decisions. I also wanted to take the opportunity to do some personal development, so I looked at Coaching. I had been introduced the idea of Coaching by an industry friend while at a conference, and it sounded perfect.

As a leader, coaching and mentoring has always been a part of my role. Still, I had never had any formal training, so I decided to sign up to an ILM Accredited Coaching Course with the Business Coaching Academy. It was whilst on this course that I started to realise my 'Why' and coached myself into believing that anything could be possible if I put my mind to it.

The satisfaction that coaching gives you when you can change someone's thinking and see them blossom in front of you was the final confirmation I needed to build my own business. I could bring my lifetime of experiences of sales, leadership, partnerships in the tech industry and combine that with my coaching skills to inspire and encourage people to be the best that they can be. What could be better than that?

After the first course I discovered my 'Why' but just needed to fine-tune my 'How' so went onto to complete the next two levels. On completion, I became a Worldwide Association of Business Coaches Registered Corporate Coachand Leading Energy Practitioner, giving me everything I needed to start Coachere and start living my 'Why'.

I have always strived to be the best I could be and never give up, and I always look for the possible. My drive and optimism has made me look for the positive in everything and take others on that journey with me, so what could be better?

So, my 'Why' is "To inspire and empower others to be courageous so that they realise their full potential and are the best version of themselves". Discovering my 'Why' and founding Coachere means I have found my passion and can help others to find theirs too, how exciting is that!!

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