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Better Late Than Never

This week marks two years since I decided to follow my passion for Coaching and founded Coachere, my Coaching and Consultant business. However, anyone who has changed careers and started a new business in the middle of a Global Pandemic will appreciate it can take time to get established (after all, you can't rush these things). 😊. Over the last two years, I have home-schooled my daughter, read many books, reconnected with friends and family, been on unforgettable holidays,

Partnerships That Deliver Value, Through V.A.L.U.E.

Having led the U.K. & International Partner Management & Marketing division for one of the world's most significant I.T. solutions providers, I have dealt with multiple partnership opportunities. In every new partnership opportunity, each of them believed that they were better than their competition, a more worthy partner, and they came into the engagement boldly. Having also been in Sales at much smaller I.T. organisations, where there was no luxury of brand awareness, I can

Coaching v Mentoring

Recently I was invited to be on the panel for one of my client's Women In Tech initiatives, where we discussed the benefits of Mentoring and the value it brings to both individuals and organisations. As Mentoring can easily be confused with Coaching, to kick off, we discussed the differences between the two. Coaching and Mentoring both exist for the same reasons, to help people realise their full potential and become the best version of themselves. However, there are a number

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