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Channel Consulting

Having had a successful sales, partner management and leadership career in the technology industry for over 25 years, I work with organisations to build the perfect ecosystem go-to-market value propositions.

Using my extensive knowledge of the IT channel and proven track record of building global award-winning partner practises, I work with organisations who want to understand the UK, EMEA and global partner dynamics.

Having been a member of numerous Partner Advisory Boards, including IDC, I have an extensive network of senior-level contacts across Vendors, Distributors and MSPs. Utilising this network, I work with organisations that want to accelerate their relationships with strategic partners in the UK.


Corporate Consulting and Advisory

Having led a Partner Management and Marketing division with revenue responsibility of over $1.1bn, which grew organically and through acquisition, I work with organisations to help them navigate the growing pains that come with growing and scaling out an organisation.

Highly experienced in re-structuring teams, making them "best in class", and understanding the challenges faced when integrating processes, roles and groups created by mergers and acquisitions.

Having also been part of the global integration team, responsible for the integration of Kelway, a UK and International business with CDW, the world's most prominent global IT solution provider, having first-hand experience with integrations across different cultures and geographies.

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Coaching Culture

Talent attraction is critical to establishing a highperforming and successful business, and personal development is necessary for talent retention. Coaching is the perfect solution to enhance your internal capabilities and support your leadership team.

Coachere makes coaching your top talent more affordable and accessible. By providing a regular coaching engagement, we can become an extension of your team, increase the performance of your talent and help make your organisation stand out from the crowd.

We can also work with you to build your internal mentoring programme and provide the training and support to be successful.

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Conditioning Kills Confidence

When people suffer from self-doubt, anxiety, or lack of confidence, they often focus on trying to cure the symptoms rather than looking deeper at the cause. Concentrating on the symptoms is like papering over the cracks or putting a sticking plaster over an open wound.


You must find and deal with the root cause to make real change. In this keynote, I will talk about how the conditioning you had in early childhood by your parents and teachers, combined with social expectations, has killed some people’s confidence.


We explore the great expectations, characters of conditioning and caution before debunking the myths associated with each of them, allowing you to break free. Finally, we explore the characters of confidence, allowing you to put the past behind you and regain your confidence for good.


Motivational Speaker

Coming from humble beginnings, lacking a degree, and carving a successful sales and senior leadership career in the IT industry spanning over 25 years, I work with organisations to help inspire and motivate the next generation of talent through keynotes or panel events.

You can't be what you can't see, and I have experienced first-hand what it feels like to be the only female in the room and deal with the challenges that come with it. Challenges include imposter syndrome, bullying, misogynism, queen bees and boy's clubs.

Through my "This is Me" keynote, I talk through my journey from council house to coding, apprentice to A-list and all of the things I have learnt and experienced along the way. I aim to inspire and encourage anyone I can about achieving their goals by building resilience, reframing thoughts, reconditioning and a great work ethic.

As a CRN Women in Channel judge and having appeared on the CRN A-List for the last two years, I also participate in panel events.

I had the pleasure of working with Yvonne across many years whilst I was with Cisco, through various iterations of the partnership with Kelway and then CDW. Yvonne always stood out as a leader and a role model - through her courage, her empathy, her drive and her sensitivity. 


She redefined each and every role that she took, but never lost her authenticity - she has kept her edge, always keenly focused upon delivering for the business whilst also improving the culture for those around her.  Never one to duck out fo a difficult conversation, Yvonne manages both conflict and uncertainty very well, and always with good grace.


An asset to any leadership team, Yvonne is someone who continuously challenges herself and others, invests in her own development, encourages others to do the same and provided highly effective, practical mentoring to those finding their feet.  I would wholeheartedly and without hesitation recommend Yvonne. 

Richard Roberts - Vice President, Northern Europe at Mitel

Consulting Services

Our consulting services brochure outlines our consulting and speaking services.

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